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The uncrowned king or the man known as the true king of Turkey , the Turkish Porn Star Sahin K saw the light of day
in the year 1968 in Aksaray, Turkey.

Sahin K worked as a car mechanic in Turkey, when he took the decision in 1990 to emigrate to Stuttgart in Germany
and then get into the porn industry.

He achieved fame with about 200 low-budget hardcore films that he made in about 5 years.

The Turkish response to Ron Jeremy, crazy perverse dialogues and his "Natural Method Acting" (such as in Tornisten
Bas Kaptan = Push from the stern, Captain) anchored him firmly in the minds of his fans.

His most famous films are Tornisten Bas Kaptan! , Yaniyorum Dr. Sahin (I am burning Dr. Sahin)
and Hizmetci Kizi (The Maid), which won actually two Venus Awards in 2002.

In 2005 there was a meeting organized by many fans Sahin K in Ankara, in which he participated with joy. 2006 he
supported the Hip Hop band Turk Live Crew, spoke the intro and performed a very amusing rap on the song
Tornisten Bas Kaptan, which is also based on the eponymous movie.

Sahin K officially retired from the porn industry in 2007.

Sahin K. currently writes his own screenplay, a comedy that will appear in cinemas,
and he is still open to offers for film and production.


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